1960s Baseball
Celebrating the players and teams that helped make the 1960s "Baseball's Real Golden Age."

These are the American League Players Who Made the 1960s Baseball's Real Golden Age ...

The 1960s were full of flat-out great players.

There were plenty of outstanding hitters playing in the 1960s. Willie Mays, Hank Aaron and Roberto Clemente put up awesome numbers throughout the decade, and would fill an All-Star outfield in any era. But they weren’t the only batters wreaking havoc with major league pitching during the 1960s. The decade was loaded with great hitters: Hall of Famers like Mickey Mantle, Frank Robinson, Harmon Killebrew, Willie McCovey, Ernie Banks, Lou Brock, Al Kaline, Billy Williams, Carl Yastrzemski. And, for one reason or another, the outstanding hitters of the 1960s include a collection of non-HOFers, players like Tony Oliva, Tony Conigliaro and Vada Pinson. The 1960s showcased great hitters whose accomplishments were all the more impressive when you understand the quality of the pitching they faced.

And the pitching of the 1960s was frequently dazzling. Consider that, since 1920 (and the end of the “dead ball” era), the combined major league earned run average has been under 3.00 only once … in 1968 (2.98). During the 10 seasons of 1960s, the combined major league ERA was under 4.00 every year except 1961 (4.02). As a barometer of that performance, consider that, in 2008, the combined major league ERA was 4.32 (and hasn’t been less than 4.00 since 1992).

We will be adding players regularly, so check back often to see if one of your 1960s favorites has had his profile added. You find the individual player profiles listed by team and by position.

Enjoy the memories!

Aguirre, Hank

Allen, Dick

Allison, Bob

Alvis, Max

Aparicio, Luis

Arroyo, Luis

Barber, Steve

Battey, Ear

Belinsky, Bo

Bell, Gary

Blanchard, John

Bosman, Dick

Bouton, Jim

Brinkman, Eddie

Brown, Gates

Campaneris, Bert

Cash, Norm

Cater, Danny

Causey, Wayne

Chance, Dean

Cheney, Tom

Colavito, Rocky

Conigliaro, Tony

Donovan, Dick

Downing, A

Estrada, Chuck

Fisher, Eddie

Ford, Whitey

Fox, Nellie

Francona, Tito

Fregosi, Jim

Freehan, Bill

Gentile, Jim

Gladding, Fred

Grant, Jim

Hansen, Ron

Harper, Tommy

Harrelson, Ken

Herbert, Ray

Hinton, Chuck

Horlen, Joe

Horton, Willie

Howard, Elston

Howard, Frank

Howser, Dick

Hunter, Jim "Catfish"

Jackson, Reggie

John, Tommy

Kaat, Jim

Kaline, Al

Killebrew, Harmon

Knoop, Bobby

Kubek, Tony

Kuenn, Harvey

Lary, Frank

Lolich, Mickey

Lonborg, Jim

Lumpe, Jerry

Mantle, Mickey

Maris, Roger

McAuliffe, Dick

McDowell, Sam

McLain, Denny

McLish, Cal

Monbouquette, Bill

Mossi, Don

Oliva, Tony

Palmer, Jim

Pascual, Camilo

Pappas, Milt

Pearson, Albie

Perry, Jim

Peters, Gary

Petrocelli, Rico

Pizarro, Juan

Powell, Boog

Radatz, Dick

Richardson, Bobby

Richert, Pete

Robinson, Brooks

Rodgers, Bob

Rojas, Cookie

Romano, John

Runnels, Pete

Siebert, Sonny

Skowron, Bill

Stafford, Bill

Stock, Wes

Stottlemyre, Mel

Terry, Ralph

Thomas, Lee

Tiant, Luis

Tresh, Tom

Versalles, Zoilo

Wagner, Leon

Ward, Pete

Wilhelm, Hoyt

Wilson, Earl

Wyatt, John

Yastrzemski, Carl

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